Ling Fei

Elf Rigger


Name: Chi Ling Fei


Essence 1.3
Magic 0
Reaction 5 (rigged 9)

Dice Pools
Combat: 7
Control: 9
Karma: 2

Physical Initiative: 5 + 1D6
Rigged Initiative: 9 + 3D6

Active Skills
Gunnery 5
Pistols (WPB-120) 1(3)
Shotguns (FS-22) 1(3)
Etiquette 4
Negotation (bargain) 3(5)
Biotech (first aid) 3 (6)
Computer (programming) 0(2)
Car 5
Rotor Aircraft (remote operations) 4(6)
Vectored Thrust Aircraft (Remote Operations) 4(6)
electronics B/R 2
Rotor Craft B/R 3
Vectored Thrust Craft B/R 3

Knowledge Skills
Chinese Teahouse Culture 4
Evolution of Robotics 5
Triad Establishments 2
Robotics Engineering 6
International Politics 4
Elven Society 2
Classical Ming Dynasty Music 2
English 3
Mandarin 3
French 1

Nuyen: 17,651
Karma Points: (22 white/0 black) 0
Lifestyle: Middle

Captain Winters (fixer/mechanic) (level 1)
Wide Paula (drone mechanic) (level 1)
Harriet Matthews (street doc) (level 1)

Walther PB-120
(WPB-120) integral smartlink
(WPB-120) concealable holster
(WPB-120) silencer
3 clips pistol ammo

Franchi Spas-22
2 magazines shotgun ammo, 7 slug rounds

3 boxes LMG ammo (266 rounds)
2 boxes assault rifle ammo (111 rounds)
2 boxes SMG ammo (50 rounds)

tres chic clothing
armor jacket (5/3)

data unit (500 Mp)
vehicle B/R kit

VCR (Vehicle Control Rig) (level 2)
CRD (Cranial Remote Deck) (rating 4)
Remote Control ECCM (rating 2)

Ares Roadmaster with:
turbocharging (level 1)
datajack port
remote control gear
vehicle control gear
standard armor (level 6)
ECM (electronic countermeasures) (level 2)
sensor (level 4)
drone rack
remote pop-up small turret
Ingram Valiant
1 box ammo (100 rounds)

Condor LDSD-23

2 Ares Guardians
mini-turret w/ FN HAR
1 box ammo each (60 rounds)

2 GM-Nissan Dobermans
micro-turret w/ Ingram Valiant
1 box ammo each (50 rounds)

2 MCT-Nissan Roto-Drones
fixed firmpoint w/ Uzi III
1 box ammo each (30 rounds)

2 Gaz-Niki GNRD-71 BIS Snoopers

Renraku Arachnoid Mini-Drone


Real Name: Chi Ling Fei

Nickname: Ling Fei

Date of Birth: March 20, 2037

Chi Ling Fei was born on the island of Taiwan to a moderately well off family. The middle child of three sisters, she enjoyed a comfortable upbringing and attended the Institute of Technology in Harbin to study unmanned vehicle and robotics engineering. When her already slender and moderate yet attractive figure grew even longer, along with the tips of her ears, she was shunned by many of her peers and former friends, and was denied her opportunity to enter the engineering field and pursue her career. However, her parents and immediate family still accepted and loved her, elven as she was, and she lived at home for two years, helping around the house and doing what she could to ease her aging parent’s troubles. When her father’s business, a local food delivery service, fell on hard times as a result of the Chinese government’s drastic steps to control their failing economy, Chi Ling Fei decided she had burdened her parents long enough, and bought a one way ticket to the UCAS to find her fortune.

Finding it incredibly difficult to secure any sort of honest work, especially in the competitive field of robots and drone design, Ling Fei spent more and more of her time designing and constructing drones for sale on the black market. Unsatisfied with the pay her higher education skills were netting, she invested her savings in a series of operations to install her own set of vehicle control hardware, and set about designing her customized drone transport vehicle and small arsenal of combat and surveillance drones. After nearly a year of labor and ‘trid combat simulators, Ling Fei is ready to hire out her talents and toys to the highest bidder.

Chi Ling Fei wears a stylish blue motorcycle jacket with red stripes on the sleeves, with a pair of fashionable, yet functional, leather pants with padding on the hips and knees. Slightly embarrassed by her plain Asian hair and looking to play up her elven side, she dyes her hair bright blonde and perms it slightly. She wears oversized, tres chic sunglasses and large jade and silver bangles on her wrists. More than just a pretty face, Ling Fei has a knack for reading what people want to see in her, and can quickly become the loud and fun-loving chick or the quiet listener if the man across the table has what she needs. In combat, she forgoes the jewelry and jacket for a more practical black leather armored jacket and utility backpack for her drones and shotgun. Completely green to live fire combat, she tends to panic and make for cover at the first sign of trouble. But, once her meatbod is in relative safety, she will throw whatever resources she has available to making sure her teammates make it out alive, and her practice combined with her natural reflexes makes her an excellent vehicle combatant (not to mention the 200,000 neoyen of wiz vehicle control technology wired to the base of her skull).

Her prized drones are a pair of Ares Guardians, armed and armored vectored thrust combat drones the size of a normal dog, with swiveling electronic turbines on either side of the fuselage and a chin mounted, 360-arc assault rifle. Rounding out her combat drones are two GM-Nissan Dobermans, a little larger than a dwarf lying down and mounting light machine guns on turrets. Ling Fei relies on two cheap MCT-Nissan Roto drones for general security patrol and snooping. These are roughly the size of a dwarf sitting up, with twin helicopter blades protruding from the head of the chassis, and mounting a sub-machine gun on the underside. In addition she uses two Gaz-Niki Snoopers to round out her data-collection suite, wheeled drones the size of large toasters with a swiveling head of sensors and imagers. Finally, she operates two specialty drones, a Condor LDSD-23, a miniature blimp whose fuselage can fit in two hands. It features an air balloon made of transparent material, and a small solar panel for extended operations. Lastly, she carries a Renraku Arachnoid Mini-Drone in a small container in her pocket. Small enough to conceal in a fist, the spider-shaped mini-drone can squirm its way into anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

Ling Fei’s custom Roadmaster is nicknamed ‘Boxcar Rebellion.’ it features the standard driver’s seat and passenger seat, with a data console in the middle and jacks for rigging as well as ports for plugging in devices (remote control decks, radios, etc) to interface with the van’s superior electronics, allowing for signal boosts. The large rear compartment is divided roughly into thirds. The rear third of the van is entirely closed off with steel mesh panels, which can be opened. The drones are racked here, with the racks divided horizontally through the middle. On the upper level the two large VTOL combat drones are racked vertically to the left and right of the van’s chassis, while the two smaller rotodrones and the blimp are stacked on top of each other between the VTOL drones. A track and rail system allows the aerial drones to be maneuvered to and launched from a sliding panel in the roof. In the lower section the two large combat drones sit to the left and right, below the large aerial drones, and again, the two smaller ground drones are racked on top of each other in the center. The lower half of the van’s rear panelling folds down, serving as a ramp for the drones to roll out on. The forward compartment housing the driver and front seat passenger is closed off from the back of the vehicle using more reinforced mesh, with a doorway in the center for communication or climbing to the front and back of the vehicle, which one metahuman can fit through at a time. Against the wall formed by the drone racks is a bench seat, which can serve as a bed or can be folded up, allowing access to storage bins built in underneath the bench. Behind the driver’s and front passenger seats built into the mesh between them are two fold up seats for increased passenger room in a pinch, facing backwards. On the roof of the van a light machine gun is mounted in a remote pop-up turret. The body of the gun lies across the width of the vehicle in a recessed tray running along the divide between the front seats and back passenger area. The turret itself is on the right side of the vehicle, and when deployed the cannon flips up, pivoting at the turret, and then rotates to face forwards. Mounted in the center of the ceiling of the passenger area is a digital periscope-like sight and flip down machine gun handles, allowing for a standing passenger to press his eyes up against the rubberized face of the binocular-shaped scope and man the turret from there, although it can also be controlled by the driver if rigging. The exterior is a dull silver, with obvious armor panels and a grate over its industrial headlights for close encounters. There are two standard doors with a step down for the front seats, and two sliding doors on either side which can be manually or remotely opened, with a single firing slot built into each which can be slid open for small arms use. On the right side of the chassis near the rear are airbrushed a pair of red boxing gloves with five yellow stars on each in the pattern of the old Chinese flag. A small tassel hangs from the digital rear view mirror, with the Chinese character fu, or good fortune, sewn into it (A gift from her parents, although they are most likely unaware of the beast it blesses.)

Ling Fei

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