Harriet Matthews

Ork Street Doc


“Matthews is an old woman, who keeps her hair back with a bandanna and sports ragged work clothes speckled in burn marks, and peers out at her customers through thick, oversized glasses. These days she spends more time teaching and supervising in her shop than she does work, and her relatively new role as teacher has caused her to become more focused on the art and tradition of cybernetics.” -I.4

“Harriet Matthews has grown old, indeed. She is at the upper limit of orkish longevity, and her wizened, frail frame has been propped up here and there cybernetically, like an old house leaning its tired overhangs on two by fours. Peering at him through glossy blue cybereyes, her mechanical wheelchair propels her down a short hallway towards her guest—her assistant picks up where she has left off in the OR. Numerous, spindly metal arms protrude from the back of her chair, offering up the tools and instruments of the cyber-trade at their modular ends: a bonesaw here, a pneumatic drill there.” -I.4


Matthews is Crusher’s Street Doc contact.

Harriet Matthews

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