Ork Mercenary


Name: Alfred “Crusher” Beard Jr.


BOD 8 (dermal 10)
STR 8 (cyberarm 6)
Essence 0.1
Magic 0
Reaction 5 (wired reflexes 9)

Dice Pools
Combat: 7
Karma: 2

Physical Initiative: 5 + 1D6
Wired Initiative: 9 + 3D6

Active Skills
Assault Rifles(Ares Alpha Combat Gun) 5(7)
Cyber Implant Combat(Handblades) 3(6)
Gunnery 4
Launch Weapons(Grenade Launchers) 2(4)
Pistols (Browning Max Power) 3(5)
Athletics (Bashing) 3(4)
Etiquette (Street) 2(4)
Intimidation 3
Leadership (Tactics) 1(3)
Throwing Weapons (Grenades) 2(4)
Assault Rifle B/R 2
Negotiations (Bargaining) 1(3)
Demolitions (Plastic Explosives) 1(3)

Knowledge Skills
Small-Unit Tactics 4
Military Procedure 3
Gang Identification 2
Security Procedure 3
Cybertechnology 2
Middle Eastern Politics 2
Middle Eastern Dragons 4
English 4
Persian 2

Nuyen: 17,770
Karma Points (14 white/19 black): 5
Lifestyle: Low
2 months low lifestyle
2 months low lifestyle (safehouse)

Aleister Crowley (fixer) (level 2)
Valentino (bouncer) (level 1)
Harriet Matthews (cyberware surgeon) (level 1)
Lieutenant Rawls (paramilitary) (level 1)

Browing Max-Power
(BMP) silencer
(BMP) concealable holster
(BMP) integral smartlink
5 pistol clips: 3 standard, 1 ex explosive (9 rounds), 1 gel

Ares Alpha Combat Gun
(AACG) gas vent II
2 assault rifle clips + 27 rounds
12 Def. mini-grenades

Ingram Valiant
(IV) integral smartlink
standard gyro mount
2 ammo boxes

4 grenades (2 OF/2 DEF)
10 kilos C4
Radio detonator, timer

ordinary clothes
armor vest (2/1)
lined coat (4/2)


cybereyes (alphaware) with:
flare compensation
electronic magnification (2)

cyberears (alphaware) with:
hearing amp

obvious cyberarm (right) with:
retractable handblade (pair)

wired reflexes (2) with reflex trigger

dermal plating (2)


Name: Alfred Beard Jr.

Nickname: “Crusher”

Date of Birth: April 13, 2002

Alfred Beard Jr. was born to lower middle-class parents in the region of the UCAS formerly known as Kentucky. Alfred led a quintessential life, apprenticing at his father’s welding shop, enjoying modest popularity as his high school football team’s star lineman, earning him his lifelong moniker “Crusher.” Bored of his suburban lifestyle and spurred by the warmongering fervor within his small conservative town sparked by the string of domestic secessions, Alfred made a bee-line from his high school graduation to the local US Marine Corp recruiting station. This fateful decision landed him in the middle of Iran, fighting an underfunded and poorly thought out ground war. The United States had sent a handful of Marine divisions to Iran to shore up their oil interests after their pipelines to Alaskan oil were severed by hostile NAN forces. This left Sergeant Beard’s unit dangerously low on intelligence when the dragon Aden burst from a nearby desert in the Iranian countryside and proceeded directly towards Tehran, burning and destroying everything in its path. Bogged down by insurgents and humvees crippled by sand damage, Beard and his unit were forced to stand and fight when the dragon arrived in the city. After watching every man in his unit burned or eaten alive, the dragon Aden caught him in a gout of magical blue and pink flame, incinerating his right arm and causing his skin to writhe and twist with awakened energies, knocking him unconscious.

Whatever sorcerous energies Aden had used to blow away his arm had apparently pooled in his body, causing him to goblinize a year before the wave of goblinization hit the Americas, as well as seemingly slowing his aging process, giving him the youthful spryness of a 30 year old Ork despite being nearly 60. Unfortunately, having horns and tusks sprout from his face also caused his wife and child to leave him, and his superstitious family to disown him. Tossed into a roiling depression for nearly a decade, Beard took to the streets, robbing, mugging and generally muscling his way through life, lashing out at the world who had taken everything from him. After nearly 15 years of self pity, he got his act together and had an old military buddy put him in contact with a shadowy cyberware dealer. Through long years of bodyguarding and small time hits and intimidating for local crime lords, the man now known as Crusher slowly added more and more chrome to his meat body. After roughly 25 years on the streets, Crusher considers his ‘upgrades’ complete, and is ready to start some real shadow work. Ultimately, Alfred hopes to accumulate the money and power necessary to make his way back to Iran and track down the wyrm who took his life away.

Alfred has lived a life of violence for nearly 40 years, and this combined with his rejection from society and his wife and family have left his moral compass basic and utilitarian. He sees the world in shades of gray, and finishing the mission and getting the credstick almost always comes before other considerations. He shows a basic warrior’s respect for any other warrior who has earned it, but beyond this pays only superficial respect to those who have the money and power he needs. All people and things are a means to an end for Crusher, and his assault rifle and fists tend to make everything else get out of the way, or blow up trying. In combat he has the controlled ferocity of an experienced fighter, and is quick to give orders and call the shots. Although he can be tenacious, he is not headstrong, and is smart enough to know when to run from a fight.

Crusher is 6’4”, with a shiny and banged up right cyberarm to replace the one he lost in Iran. He was an average looking guy before he goblinized. Two unevenly shaped horns curve from his forehead, the larger of which was hacksawed to a flat stump when his wife left him, and has stayed that way since. In public, he wears a sand colored long coat over his armored vest and pistol, which he holsters on his left breast. He wears a wide brimmed hat and glasses to hide his horns and cybernetic eyes whenever possible, as well as a black glove on his right hand to hide his cyber arm. When expecting a fight, he’ll bring along his trusty assault rifle and a few grenades, or, if things are going to get really messy, strap on his gyro mount and machine gun for some real firepower.


Three By Shadow Crusher