Mesay Melese

Moonclaw's talismonger contact


Mesay is an African man who runs Talismana, an emporium for magical paraphernalia. He tends to speak in mysterious verse. A cousin of Audell.

“Mesay is a large, tan man from Africa’s interior: Congo or the jungles of some other hellhole, or the desert, Moonclaw forgets which. Even the advances in modern technology in the day of 2061 have not enabled these remote forests and steppes to be populated heavily; as such, Mesay has a strange way about people, especially Westerners. He is tall and bald, not actually black but a very deep bronze, with deepset, charcoal-ringed eyes. A sad mouth sits at the Southern end of a long face; the thin nose in the middle is like the arrow of an inscribed windrose. Thin and gangly, he wears the loose, embroidered tunic of his homeland.” -III.1


Mesay Melese

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