Spider Trio

Two brothers, and a sister; may or may not actually be related. Assigned guard duty with the runners.


This team is three hard, mean-looking orks, decked out in resplendent, expensive cyberware: the two males look to be twins, and the third, a female, may have been their sister, so strong is the resemblance between them. They all wear a matching costume of dark gray and bright red, a spider’s web pattern etched into the armored leather. Obvious cyberlimbs are decorated and painted in a similar fashion, and body tattoos of spiders and webs complete the look where skin meets metal. Each boasts at least one metal arm and leg, and they carry wicked, curved longswords at their waists. Heavy boots and other pieces of body armor have had spikes and railties welded onto them at outward angles, creating improvised weapons. Such is the samurais’ mass, the submachine guns slung in underarm holsters on each of them appear as pistols on a smaller being.” -III.3

The surviving Spiders are Charlie and Bakcha. Blitz was wounded in the escort mission and is recovering.


Spider Trio

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