The Dwarven Riggers

Pair of dwarven riggers, assigned bodyguard detail


A pair of dwarves, a man and a woman, sit in crash harnesses in an expensive-looking black sports car parked in front of the limo. Obviously both riggers, they each are surrounded by a small cloud of aerial drones, mostly spybots and snoopers. Their eyes are rolled back and they don’t seem to be aware of the world around them. Behind the car, on the sidewalk and deactivated for now, is a large, humanoid drone: the body is a sleek wasp-shape, standing 7 feet tall, with compound sensor-eyes that complete the insectlike visage. It boasts two large pincer arms, steel vice attachments designed for construction. Guns on custom firmpoints adorn these upper limbs: a minigun on one, a large-bore autocannon on the other. Flexible ribbon feeds protrude from each weapon and follow the contour of the arms, disappearing into the back of the drone. The body tapers down at the waist into a swiveling universal joint, and from there to two legs, twin-jointed and recumbent, like a bird’s. The legs are heavy duty, incorporating anchor spikes for lifting or pulling, and retractable wheels set like inline skates, deep-gripped and steel-belted.” -III.1

They haven’t been seen or heard from since the night of the escort, April 4th, 2061.


The Dwarven Riggers

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