The Sundowners

Gang of 5 Shadowrunners assigned to a bodyguard detail


The first, a team of five, is mixed-race: a beautiful elven rigger idles her open-topped, military style truck, reclining in the seat with a cigarette between crimson lips. Her team is collected in the truck bed: a troll wearing dull gunmetal body armor with large shoulderpads tends to a .50 cal machinegun mounted to the roll cage, facing front. Two humans are also in the rear of the truck: a hermetic mage sits cross-legged in the back, his eyes closed and back erect; next to him, a pale decker grips his deck close to his chest, looking around nervously over wire-frame glasses which keep sliding off his nose. A woman, tall and lithe in shiny black leather, leans against the rear of the truck, closely examining her fingernails through mirrored lenses which are fused into her skull, enclosing her eyes like permanent sunglasses.” -III.1

The remaining members are Molly “Millions”, the rigger Jets, and Hulder, a mercenary troll. John Percival Hackworth and Trevor MacMillan were killed in action during the escort run in III.


The Sundowners

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