Wide Paula

Ling Fei's dwarven electronics contact


Wide Paula runs an electronics shop, specializing in drone wiring and repair.

“Wide Paula is just as she would seem. A thickset dwarven woman with black hair, a loud voice and lofty ambitions, all four vertical feet of her are large and in charge. She wears a red and white checkered apron over a metalworker’s habit, and a large shielded welding mask sits atop her head at chest level, getting in the way of normal-height people as she storms about her shop, overseeing drone repair and circuit construction with a discerning eye. Slag-burns and weld marks cover her clothing, marking her as one of the initiated in the mechanics’ circles she frequents.

Her moniker, ‘Wide Paula’, stems from the fact that the measure of her body on the horizontal is almost equal to her height. Her husband, a mathematician, praises her high degree of symmetry.”


Wide Paula

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